Mother's Day special offer

Mother's Day is coming up May 10th, so naturally the subject of mothers and motherhood has been on my mind the last few days. In my own experience, a paradigm shift took place within me when I became a mom.  There was before, and then there was after.

During a beautiful mother-to-be ceremony I participated in yesterday, a woman expressed it by saying: "you're not only giving birth to your child but in a sense you're giving birth to yourself". That really hit home with me. In essence, you are transitioning into someone new, there's an end to who you were before and simultaneously a beginning of a new life for both you and your child.

I'm forever grateful for having my mom, who used to fly me on her feet in bed, who wandered the forests and beaches with me, pointing out leaves, and rocks and mushrooms and berries. Her attention to detail, to appreciate the small things, the joy in nature, the beauty of shapes and light. She has played such a big part in who I am today, how I see the world around me and my place in it. 

I hope you've had similar experiences of love and guidance in your life. Be it in the traditional sense of motherhood or all the other ways we have mothers or are mothers to the people we love. The women who have nurtured us or whom we have nurtured.

To celebrate all the mamas in our life, I'd like to extend 15 percent off your purchase through Mother's Day, May 10th 2015.  (coupon: MOMS15)

Happy Mother's Day!


My mamma and me, Olofsbo, Sweden ca: 1976

My mamma and me, Olofsbo, Sweden ca: 1976