About the Artist

I've been a visual person my whole life. I remember sitting on my aunt's lap playing with her beautiful silver rings and coveting her Torun watch from the age of 5, mesmerized by its form and timeless design.  Growing up in Sweden provided me a built-in love for natural materials, sleek lines, simple and functional designs which carries over in everything I make. My fondest memories from childhood were spent wandering through forests or strolling on beaches picking rocks and beach wood. Nature has always been a big part of who I am and I love to incorporate textures, shapes and finds from it into my designs.

I love the process of working with my hands and making something beautiful. The first things I made were photographs and I've since spent 16 years as a professional photographer honing my eye for composition and form. My love for jewelry has always been there, expressed in personal projects and education. I'm thrilled that personal is now becoming professional.  In the beginning of 2014,  pixel + torch was born, its' name a nod to both my passions: photography and silversmithing.  I couldn't be more excited to spend my days at the jeweler's bench; designing, soldering, cutting and setting stones to see my creations take form.

In a world where so much is mass produced, I believe strongly in the value of individually and handcrafted jewelry. A one-of-a-kind piece that celebrates the uniqueness of the person wearing it as well as the craftsmanship and design of the artist. Quality over quantity.  By investing in my handmade jewelry, you are supporting this concept and my craft. Thank you!
I hope you find something I've made that speaks to you and highlights the originality in you. 

Johanna Kirk currently lives in Salt Lake City, Utah with her outdoor-loving husband Chris, smart and witty twin daughters Emma and Grace, their sweet yellow lab Roxy and feisty cat Skipper (aka "diablo").


  -Johanna Kirk, Owner and Metalsmith of pixel + torch